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    ENG 375: Young Adult LiteratureGlee television show (2010-2015)Rebel without a Cause (1955)

    Thanks for visiting ENG 375: Young Adult Literature taught by Dr. Jan Susina in the English Department at Illinois State University.  The website supports class discussions in the course focusing on texts (books, films, graphic novels, television, magazine, websites, music, etc.) for people ages 13 to 21. 

    Syllabus for ENG 375 Fall 2019 

    Resources for researching and writing academic papers and essays about children's literature and adolescent 

    Introductory articles

    Inside the Teenage Brain

    Pleasantville. 1998. 


    High School Musical. 2006

    The Music Man. 1962

    Glee. television show. 2010-2015

    Bare Naked Ladies singing "Grade 9"

    Bare Naked Ladies singing "Grade 9."   a high school version

    Freaks and Geeks. television show. 2001

    Freaks and Geeks. a 2001 TV show

    A TV series created by Paul Feig, with executive producer Judd Apatow. 2001.

    Examples of resources for paper on films for adolescents. In .pdf format.  Film resources are about Soul Surfer. 

    The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

    Carousels Joni Mitchell "Circle Game" on YT but just music Tori Amos singing it live at the piano. YT. 4:33.  Buffy Saint-Marie singing "Circle Game" in opening of  1970 film Strawberry Statement. YT 3:23.

    Catching the brass ring on a carousel

    A Rebel Without a Cause. 1955.

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

     Biographical videos on Fitzgerald

    Films of Gatsby

    Teaching The Great Gatsby

    Inspired by Fitzgerald and Gatsby

    Films, now on YouTube, from 1920s.  Immerse yourself in the Jazz Age


    Kate Hudson in Harper's Bazaar photo essay based on Gatsby

    Fangirl: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell

    Rainbow Rowell

    Hamilton: An American Musical. created by Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Lyrics to Hamilton with detailed annotations (from

    "The Schuyler Sisters" performed from Hamilton on The New York Times site.

    Complete Hamilton soundtrack. including "Alexander Hamilton" song with lyrics. video

    "The Hamilton Mixtape"

    "Spamilton: An American Parody"

    Lin-Manuel Miranda interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning

    Miranda talks about Hamilton on PBS Newshour

    Selections from Hamilton performed at 2016 Tony awards

    In 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda performs a piece from his work-in-progress "Hamilton" at the White House

    Millenials: The Musical. A Lin-Manuel Miranda/The Rock production.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses Hamilton on Drunk History.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

    Clips from performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and info about film versions

    Information about Shakespeare and A Midsummer's Night Dream

    Diana Rigg in 1968 Midsummer film

    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

    Scenes from 1962 Academy Award winning film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird

    Related videos

    Information and news about Harper Lee, TKM, and teaching TKM

    John Lewis March: Book One

     Martin Luther King, Jr., The Montgomery Story.1956 comic book:

    March, Book One. The book's publisher, Top Shelf, has created a website for the book with numerous links.

    Videos related to March: Book One

    Article and interview about March, Book One, on NPR. Aug 31, 2013

    Good review of the book by Robert Kirby on Comics Journal website

    John Lewis, in a YouTube video, talk about the book at Politics and Prose bookshop in Washington, D.C.

    In the article "Congressman John Lewis readies 'March' sequel" from Creative Loafing in Atlanta July 24, 2014 the congressman, his aide and the graphic novel's creator discuss the surprising success of the first book and what they plan for the sequel.

    Looking for Alaska by John Green

    John Green's website, with Looking for Alaska page.

    John Green's tumblr site: Fishing Boat Proceeds.  His Twitter site: @realjohngreen His Facebook site.

    John Green's " Does YA Mean Anything Anymore?" .pdf article from Hornbook,Nov./Dec. 2014 issue. the Zena Sutherland lecture

    Muscle Shoals Documentary trailer.

    John Green's own videos

    John Green interviewed (these are just a few.  He's interviewed by a lot of people.)

    Fanmade trailer. YouTube

    Favorite quotes for book videos.  First video 1:44 Second video. 1:21


    Book Slut's review of Looking for Alaska

    Lesson plans for teaching Looking for Alaska with numerous links to teaching guides and audio interviews.

    Looking for Alaska has been banned by some organizations: Publisher's Weekly.  School Library Journal. Green's video response "I Am Not a Pornographer."

    A fan's playlist for the book

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    The NEA's Big Read guide to Fahrenheit 451

    Ray Bradbury interview for NEA YouTube 22:19

    A Conversation with Ray Bradbury. YouTube. conducted at Point Loma Nazarene University. 2008

    Ray Bradbury on the origins of Fahrenheit 451. YouTube. 3:10

    Discussion with Ray Bradbury on Fahrenheit 451 in connection with film release. YT. 11:29

    Tavi Gevinson and Rookie magazine

    Teen Films/Teens in Films 

    Grease. 1978 film.

    Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn & David Levithian  

    from Nick & Norah 2008 film

    clips from the film

    MixTape resources

    Queercore links.

    Summer 2015 music links

    Taylor Swift



    Haim "Forever" video

    One Direction"You Don't Know You're Beautiful" video of a live performance.

    Kayne West.

    Kayne's Nike Air Yeezzy IIs. Click on photo for more info.Kayne's Adidas shoe


    Music Links

    Music with romantic or break-up lyrics, YouTube videos.

    Roundup of The Beatles links

    What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones

    "Dance at Bougival" by Pierre-August Renoir (1883).Photos below are from Flickr sites of people's photographs at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts examining "Dance at Bougival" by Pierre-August Renoir (1883).

    Renoir painting on wall, Degas' "Little Dancer" sculpture in front.


    Sonya Sones Brief essay on "Le Bal a Bougival "by Princeton University art instructor

    Suzanne Valadon wikipedia entry.  Another short bio on Valadon Renoir site.

    Music and videos related to book

    The following books have been taught in previous years.

    Chip Kidd's Kidd's GO: Guide to Graphic Design



    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 

    Articles related to The Hunger Games

    Suzanne Collins's website

    Scholastic's teacher's guide to The Hunger Games

    Videos on YouTube connected to studying The Hunger Games

    Map of Panem, a teacher's detailed analysis of the US map as re-imagined in the Hunger Games series

    " 'The Hunger-Games':popular, violent, and rated PG-13" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article (March 2011) questions violence in book and upcoming film

    The Hunger Games wikia with 285 pages 

     A Hunger Games map (click to bigger map)

    Hunger Games map (click to bigger map)

    Resources on adolescent culture

    Books R4 Teens.  University of Texas site about books for adolescents with links and lesson plans.

    Children Now!  California and the Kaiser Foundation report on issues relating to children and teens.  Many links, many reports.  Thought-provoking."Generations 2010" report from Pew Research Center's Pew Internet & American Life Project. Dec. 16, 2010

    The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager by Thomas Hine. website for author.

    "Time Frames: Youth." selected articles from Time magazine about teen culture from 1947-2006.

    "The Transformation of American Youth: From Teenager to Teenagent" by Marian Salzman. Huffington Post. May 12, 2010.

    Generation M2

    Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-12 year olds" a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.  Use the link to go to the website and then download the report in .pdf format  Also,  Go to the 5 minute video on the report

    American Library Association's Banned Book materials

    ALA's Banned & Challenged Book site

    ALA's Frequently Challenged Books lists

    Banned Books Week official website

    InfoPlease information on banned books, edited for children

    Jan Susina reading at 2009 Banned Books reading sponsored by ISU Milner Library.  YouTube video

    "A Library's Approach to Books that Offend"  Article from The New York Times (Aug. 19, 2009) on how the Brooklyn Public Library handles requests for book censorship.  Includes link to .pdf document showing patron's requests and the library's response to specific books and other media.  Article focuses on Tin-Tin.

    The following books currently are not being taught in ENG 375, but have been taught previously and continue to interest adolescent readers.

    American Born Chinese by Gene Yang

    Jenna Marbles

    "The Woman with 1 Billion Clicks, Jenna Marbles" by Amy O'Leary in The New York Times. April 12, 2013.

    "Jenna Marbles Answers Questions from The New York Times" YouTube video 2:45 min

    Jenna Marbles' YouTube site. one of her videos is "Things Girls Lie About"

    Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

    Videos and music related to Weetzie Bat

    The Hollywood sign today

    The longer HollywoodLand sign before it was shortened in 1945

    Witch House in Beverly Hills in 2011 (Photo: J Susina)

    Hobbit House photo from LA Times article

    LA Times article on Hobbit Houses, from January 2005

    Jayne Mansfield

    Poster from Frank Capra's 1937 Lost Horizon

    Twiggy, a 1960s British fashion model

    Fast Forward and Kids + Money by Lauren Greenfield


    Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman

    Marc Chagall. Cemetery Gates. 1917.

    "The Cool Hunt" by Malcolm Gladwell


    Articles to Read

    Walden Pond and "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

    Walden Pond today

    "Walden" an essay by E. B. White, from his collection of esays One Man's Meat, in pdf format

    Link to text of remarks by President Obama in a National Address to America's School Children. Sept. 9, 2009

    Link to C-Span video of President Obama giving the address to school children Sept. 9, 2009

    Walden quotation posters

    Section One.  Click to open .pdf document of class posters.  May take awhile to download.

    Section Two.  Click to open .pdf document of class posters.  May take awhile to download

    Links to Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birmingham Jail letter

    Links to sites related to Walden and Henry David Thoreau

    Henry David Thoreau"Thoreau's Cove" photo about 1900

    A 1908 postcard showing the site of Thoreau's house


    A replica of Thoreau's one-room house at Walden Pon

    Walden Pond map from Thoreau's childhood.  click on image for bigger size

    Thoreau quoations

    Go to this Slideshare presentation of selected posters based on Thoreau's writing.

    Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

    "What Girls Want: A Series of Vampire Novels Illuminates the Complexities of Female Adolescent Desire" by Caitlin Flanagan.  The Atlantic. Dec. 2008.  Article in .pdf

    Edward Hicks's Peaceable Kingdom Click on image for link to larger image and information on Hicks

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


    Wicked, the novel. Wicked, the Broadway Play. 2008 course

    Materials for books used in previous semesters

    Dan Clowes 

    Ghost World film

    World of Henry Orient

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night Time by Mark Haddon

    Frances and the Fairies, July 1917, taken by Elsie. Midg Quarter camera at 4 feet, 1/50 sec., sunny day.

    A few more Cottingley Fairy Links.  Album of family photos. IMDB link to 1997 film FairyTale: A True Story. Article on history of the Cottingley Fairies by Philip Coppens.  Cottlingley Network with lots of details.

    Information about Aspberger's Syndrome


    ALA Banned Book Week. Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2009

    Link to ALA 2009 Banned Books Week site

    Jan Susina reading at 2009 Banned Books reading sponsored by ISU Milner Library.  YouTube video

    Free downloads page of ALA.  Scroll down to bottom for .pdf document of 2009 Challenged Book List

    "A Library's Approach to Books that Offend"  Article from The New York Times (Aug. 19, 2009) on how the Brooklyn Public Library handles requests for book censorship.  Includes link to .pdf document showing patron's requests and the library's response to specific books and other media.  Article focuses on Tin-Tin.

    Entertainment Weekly's Best YA Book of All Time Bracket Contest

    Course Guides for Fall 2014 in .pdf format. Syllabus for Section 1Syllabus for Section 2 


    Syllabus for Fall 2018 Section 1 Section 2