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    Welcome!The Place of Lewis Carroll in Children's Literature by Jan Susina (Routledge, 2009)
    The Ghost of the Talking Cricket* is Jan Susina's website about children's literature. Susina is a professor of
    English at Illinois State University.  He specializes in teaching about children's literature and culture, adolescent literature and culture, and Victorian cultural studies at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is frequently a media source, particularly on children's and adolescent literature and culture, book censorship, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    Research areas that Susina has worked in include:

    Some of the works that Susina has published and presented on include:The White Rabbit by John Tenniel from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Within this site you will find:

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    "Perhaps it is only in childhood that books have any deep influence on our lives.  In later life we admire, we are entertained, we may modify some views we already hold, but we are more likely to find in books merely a confirmation of what is in our minds already: as in a love affair, it is our own features that we see reflected flatteringly back. 

    But in childhood all books are books of divination, telling us about the future, and like the fortune-teller who sees a long journey in the cards or death by water, they influence the future."

    -- Graham Greene from "Lost Childhood" in The Lost Childhood and Other Essays (1951)