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    Jane Austen

    Links for Jane Austen

     Helpful materials on Austen's world and time

    on YouTube Masterpiece Theater Complete Austen promo using Coldplay's "Fix You"

    Pride & Prejudice links 

    from 2005 Pride & Prejudice







    Pride & Prejudice (2005) with Keira Knightley

    Image from 1995 BBC versionPBS Masterpiece Theatre site for the BBC Pride & Prejudice (1995) version with Colin Firth

    Comparing 1940, 1995, and 2005 version.

    1980 BBC version.  Part 16. 1st Darcy proposal comes in at 6 min of 9 min YouTube video

    You've Got Mail (1988) segments related to Jane Austen. from YouTubeImage from You've Got Mail

    Bride & Prejudice (2004). selections from film on YouTube.

    Sites in Pride & Prejudice. Click for larger map

    Sense and Sensibility Links 

    BBC 2008 version. directed by Andrew Davis


    YouTube excerpts


    YT. S&S BBC 2008 version. Marianne daydreams in the rain. Col Brandon's dramatic rescue. (3 min 52 sec)

    YT. S&S BBC 2008.  Final scenes. eventually Edward proposes to Elinor. (7 min 54 sec) "I am perfectly contented."  "But I must ask, can you forgive me?"

    Link to BBC site about this production
    Film 1995 version. Ang Lee, director. Emma Thompson, screenplaySense_and_sensibility.jpg

    YT. S&S film (1995).  Marianne is rebuffed by Willoughby at party

    YT. S&S film.  Marianne looks at Willoughby's estate and cites poetry in the rain. (44 seconds)

    YT. S&S film. Col. Brandon reads Marianne poetry as she recovers. (53 seconds)

    YT. S&S film.  Last scene between Edward and Elinor. (1 min 37 sec). "Then you are not married?" 

     YT. video music mashup on 1995 film version.  Marianne & Willoughby should have never fallen in love.

    Roger Ebert review of 1995 film

     Did you know that in 2003 Emma Thompson married Greg Wise who plays Willoughby in this film?

    BBC 1981 version

    YT. S&S BBC 1981 version.  Marianne is rebuffed by Willoughby.  (1 min 40 sec.) weaker production?

    YT. S&S BBC 1981 version.  Willoughby's attempt at redemption (6 min 17 sec) scene not in film version "The happiest hours of my life were spent with her. My feelings were honorable."

    Emma links picnicatboxhillemmachastised.JPG

    Emma on PBS: Masterpiece theater, beginning Jan. 24, 2010

    Comparison of Knightley proposals 

    YT. Emma movie. part 11. Knightley proposes to Emma. 

    YT. Emma movie. part 12. Continuation of the problems of Kightley's proposal to Emma. 

    YT. Emma-BBC. part 12.  Knightley eventually proposes to Emma. In English with Spanish subtitles

    Comparison of Box Hill picnic Emma1996.jpg

    YT.  Emma-movie. part 9.  Gypsy attack followed by Box Hill party. 

     YT. Emma-BBC. part 10.  Continues with more Box Hill picnic.  Emma makes major faux pas.  "Badly done, Emma.  Badly done, indeed!"

    Notes on real Box Hill from National Historic Trust

    Selections from Emma-movie.

    YT. Emma movie. part 6.  Begins with Harriet's first meeting with Martin after refusing proposal.  Emma meeting Frank Churchill. 

    YT. Emma-movie. part 8. Mostly dancing party including Elton refusing to dance with Harriet & Knightley rescuing her.

    YT.  Emma-movie. part 9.  Gypsy attack followed by Box Hill party. 

    Selections from Emma-BBC 

    YT. Emma-BBC. part 6. Begins with Emma & Frank discussing piano gift to J. Fairfax 

    YT. Emma-BBC. part 9. Frank saves Harriet. Mostly picnic at Knightley's.  Concludes with start of Box Hill picnic.

    YT. Emma-BBC. part 10.  Continues with more Box Hill picnic.  Emma makes major faux pas.  "Badly done, Emma.  Badly done, indeed!"

    Extras for Emma

    YT.  Charlie Rose. Dec. 1996.  Interview first with Mira Sorvina, then second half: Gwenyth Paltrow and director of "Emma" talking about the movie "Emma." 

    Link to Jane Austen World blog 1) thoughts on "Emma" BBC version. 2) Notes on Box Hill picnic and Victorian picnics in general

    Notes on costumes in "Emma" BBC versio

    Notes on real Box Hill from National Historic Trust 


    Mansfield Park links

    YT. Mansfield Park. PBS/ITV. part 3 of 11. Producing the Play

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ITV. part 4/11. Continuing the ill-fated play.

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ITV. "Blind Man's Bluff" segment part 6/11

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ITV. Mr. Crawford's proposal. part 7/11

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ITV. Edward telling Fanny not to accept marriage proposal part 8/11

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ ITV. Part 9/11. begins with Tom coming home sick.

    YT. Mansfield Park PBS/ITV. Part 11/11 Edward realizing, proposing.

    YT. Mansfield Park. PBS/ITV. Edward's Proposal

    YT. Mansfield Park 1999 movie. #5

    YT. Mansfield Park. 1999 movie. In Fanny's attic. part 5

    YT. Mansfield Park. 1999 movie. #9

    YT. Mansfield Park. 1999. movie #10 (I cannot agree to marry him.)

    YTMansfield Park. 1999 movie. part 15

    Yt. Mansfield Park. 1999 movie. part 17. The ending.

    YT Mansfield Park BBC (1983) Fanny meets the Bertram Family

    YT. Mansfield Park BBC. 1983. Mr. Crawford reads Shakespeare.

    Northanger Abbey Links

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. PBS/ITV. Behind the Scenes.clip 1

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. ITV. Clip 2. Henry.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. ITV. Clip 3. describing fantasy scenes.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. Opening.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. Dancing with Captain T.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. Forced to Leave.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. Catherine meets Henry.

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. redone to "Nice" by DuranDuran

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. redone to "Katie" by the Libertines

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. redone to "Everywhere"

    YouTube. Northanger Abbey. redone to "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins (starts with bathtube scene)

    PBS Northanger Abbey site.

    Silly cover Northanger Abbey 1965

    Gothicparody Blog. Blog devoted to Northanger Abbey.

    Clueless film (1995)alslvclu.gif

    YT. Clueless -- Cast Interviews

     YT. Clueless part 2 of 10.

    YT. Clueless -- ending 

    Link to wikipedia entry for Clueless film with chart comparing film characters to Emma novel.

    More Austen links

    Jane Austen homesites.  photos 

    English Country Dances. Regency Dances.  website with explanations about dances. 

    Jane Austen Society of the UK. United Kingdom Fansite

    The Chatsworth Estate 

    Blog post on Pride & Prejudice 

    Interview with director of "The Jane Austen Book Club" from Jane Austen World blog

    YT. Holding out for a Hero.

    YT. Let Go. amalgamation video.

    Jane Austen Book Club: film and book austenmania-jabc.jpg

    YT. Clip 1. 

    YT. Clip #2.  Griggs joins group. 

    YT. Part 2.  We'r'e not going to Paris. 

    YT. Clip #3.  Griggs fumbles

    YT. Clip #4. Franny Price. Mansfield Park. 

    YT. Clip #11. Persuasion 

    YT. Clip. What would Jane do?

    Who's your Jane Austen

    Penguin's Austen mania site

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith 

    Publisher's Weekly article on how P&P&Zombies is appearing on social media (nov. 19, 2010)

    P&P&Z main website

    19th Century Mombie.  Mrs. Bennett's Blog from P&P&Z

    Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy's Facebook page from P&P&Z

    News on the upcoming P&P&Z film

    Author of P&P&Z interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered March 29, 2009.  5 min interview