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    ENG 329: The Endurance of Alice:                                                   Lewis Carroll and his Wonderlands

    Syllabus and course description

    Good texts to start to understand Lewis Carroll and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: 

    Alice and related texts on the internet

    The Literature Network has the text for Alice's Adventures set up so it is searchable.

    A .pdf version of Alice's Adventures with the Tenniel illustrations. Typeset in 1994, but attempts to recreate many of the typsetting tricks and correct juxtapostion of illustration and text.

    Alice's Adventures Underground

    Alice and Other Fairy Plays for Children by Kate Freiligrath-Kroeker (1881). Facsimile that you can page through

    Alice in Openland by Maria Popova. Links to Lewis Carroll and Alice text, particularly several short films.

    Lewis Carroll and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Links

    Lewis Carroll Society of North America 

    Lewis Carroll Society in the U.K.

    Lewis Carroll: A Centenary Exhibition at the Harry Ransom Center in Texas. A website to accompany the museum site. The Center has a large collection of Lewis Carroll's photographs, books and related materials. Video on exhibit.

    Lenny's Alice in Wonderland site is an informative site with a good FAQ section and thoughtful analysis.

    Alice in Wonderland Wiki. Started in 2010 in connection with Disney + Burton film, but has a lot of good information.

    "A Girl Like Alice" Alice Hardgreaves' great-granddaughter, Vanessa St. Clair, writes in The Guardian about what it is like to be related to the original Alice (June 5, 2001).

    Edward Wakeling's thorough site about Lewis Carroll, his books, photograhy and life.

    Contrariwise: an association for new Lewis Carroll studies

     An account of publishing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Eating and Drinking in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Philip Ardagh discusses etiquette & manners related to food and drink in many Carroll books and links to materials (with images) at the British Library on the post on the British Library website.

    AlicenTweetland. Tweeting quotations about Alice

    Lewis Carroll's Letters and Diariesa page from the diary of Lewis Carroll. Click on image for bigger size

    Preface to Diaries of Lewis Carroll (.pdf)

    How Lewis Carroll's rules of letter writing can make email more civilized by Maria Popova

    Selections from Carroll's Diaries and Letters (.pdf)

    The U.K. Lewis Carroll Society has introductory material to the diaries

    The British Library has digitized two pages from the diaries

    Alice in filmThe first Alice on film was shown in 1903. Photo:BFI

    Alice Film Adaptations Jack Zipes: "Alice and the Absurdity of Home and Utopia" from The Enchanted Screen: The Unknown History of Fairy-Tale Films (Routledge, 2011)

    David Schaefer's "The Film Collector's Alice" (.pdf document)

    "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Alice in Wonderland in Film" essay by Jan Susina

    Quick overview in video on several of the Alice films through the years.

    1903 Alice in Wonderland  film version on YouTube. According to, "the film was produced by the pioneering Hepworth Studios and was based on Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations - at 12 minutes it was the longest film produced in England at the time." Directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow

    1915 W.W. Young's Alice in Wonderland  film. Links to entire 45 min filmFiliming Jonathan Miller's 1966 version of Alice in Wonderland

    1933 Alice in Wonderland trailer for film. W.C. Fields was Humpty Dumpty, Cary Grant was the Mock Turtle, Edward Everett Horton as the Mad Hatter and Gary Cooper as the White Night. Directed by Norman Z. McLeod from a screenplay by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

    1949 Lou Bunin's Alice in Wonderland. Lou Bunin was an American puppeteer, artist & stop-motion animattion pioneer. This was produced in Paris was stop-action and live actors. Disney tried to stop the release of the film as it came out around the same time as the Disney version.

    1951. Disney's Alice in Wonderland animated film.  See links below.

    1964 Jonathan Miller's Alice in Wonderland. Here is a short segment with the Cheshire cat and the Queen. One minute trailer with Ravi Shankar music.   Part 1 from dailymotion/BBC. Featuring Peter Sellers, Anne-Marie Mallik, John Gielgud, Michael Redgrave, Wilfrid Brambell, Peter Cook. Link to the film here. A 2-min segment here with the pig. "Through the Glass Darkly: Alice in Wonderland" Scott Thrill on Miller's film. (12/31/03)

    1966. Hanna Barbera's animated Alice in Wonderland with Doris Day singing as Alice.

    1966 Alice Through the Looking Glass. A very mid-century modern version.

    1976 Bill Osco's Alice in Wonderland: An X-rated Musical Comedy. Trailer for the film  The film was actually rated R and the trailer would probably receive a G rating today.  Directed by Bud Townsend. Kristine DeBell played Alice. In 2007, an Off-Broadway musical based on this film was performed as Alice in Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy

    1983 Alice in Wonderland with Richard Burton and daughter Kate Burton. Production of Eva la Gallienne’s Alice. Directed by Kirk Browning. A PBS Great Performance production of the 1982 Broadway show. The production was a revival of actress-director Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus's popular 1932 play. 

    1985 Irwin Allen's Alice in Wonderland. This clip from the two-part, 1985 CBS-TV version stars Ringo Starr as the Mock Turtle. Here's Sammy Davis, Jr., as the caterpillar doing "You are old Father Williams." Directed by Harri Harris. Script from the book with adaptations by Paul Zindel

    1972 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "The Croquet Match" Fiona Fullerton as Alice (later of James Bond film fame) and Michael Jayston as Lewis Carroll. Directed by William Sterling.

    1988. Jan Švankmajer wrote and directed an Alice-inspired fantasy film with puppets, stop animination and actors. Its original Czech title is Něco z Alenky, which means "Something from Alice." Trailer for filmRabbit and Horsemen scene (2 min)

    1999 Alice in Wonderland. Directed by Nick Willing  "Tweedle "The Lobster Quadrille" "The Cheshire Cat" scene with Whoppi Goldberg as the cat and Tina Majorino (of Veronica Mars fame) as Alice

    2010 Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. The official trailer from Disney.

    Disney and Alice films

    Alice in Cartoonland. A 1923 short film created by Walt Disney. Features Walt talking to a girl as well as animated cartoons. (8 mins)

    MIckey Mouse Thru The Mirror. A 1936 cartoon with Mickey dreaming about Alice's Adventures and Through the Looking-Glass. (8:50 mins)

    Alice in Wonderland (1951)

    Script for Disney's animated Alice in Wonderland film 

    Leonard Matlin's "Disney's Alice in Wonderland" (.pdf article)

    Alice entry on the Disney Wiki

    Lewis Carroll biographical materialPhotograph of Lewis Carroll by O.J. Reijlander.

    Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood (1898). Complete text on Project Gutenberg.

    U.K.'s National Archives biography page on LC

    Lewis Carroll's scrapbook at the Library of Congress. Every page if photographed and annotated. thorough and interesting

    Key points in Lewis Carroll's life, a timeline

    Modern Biography and Lewis Carroll 1969-98 on The Victorian Web

    Marina Warner analyzes the Tate's 2011 exhibition on Lewis Carroll's drawings.  Many original drawings are included in the online essay and also includes interesting chart on organizing the manuscript of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    Christ Church, Oxford, dining hall where Carroll worked

    John Tenniel's illustrations to the Alice books"You're nothing but a pack of cards!" Illustration by John Tenniel

    Tenniel illustrations for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on Project Gutenberg

    Complete text of Michael Hancher's The Tenniel illustrations to the "Alice" books

    John Tenniel entry in The Victorian Web, with many links

    Illustrators of Alice, after Tenniel

    An overview of key illustrators of Alice in a .pdf document

    Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Alice (1907)

    Marie Luarencin's illustrations to Alice (1930)

    Mervyne Peake illustrated Alice. A two-book set was published in Sweden in 1946. This Guardian (April 3, 2010) article by Vanessa Trope notes how his Alice illustrations were influenced by his work as a war correspondence during World War II. The blog Death by Papercuts has illustrations from the Alice books.

    Ralph Steadman illustrated Wonderland in 1966 and Looking-Glass in 1977. Many images in this post on Maria Popova's Brain Pickings blog. Images from Steadman's Wonderland illustrations on

    Salvador Dali illustrated Wonderland in 1969

    Lewis Carroll's Photographs

    Jan Susina's "Staging Childhood: Lewis Carroll's Costumed Photographs of Children."   The slides and images to accompany this talk can be seen here, in this .pdf for the PowerPoint presentation.  These images were shown in class. 

    Lewis Carroll's "A Photographer's Day Out" (.pdf)

    Photography collection at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas-Austin

    Photographs at Princeton University Library

    Photographs at University of Virginia. a more easily accessible site than the two previous ones, altho those libraries have the bigger collections.

    Standard resources for starting the study of Carroll photographs

    How Carroll based a photo of Xie Kitchen on Sir Joshua Reynolds’s famous painting of Penelope Boothby (1785–1791), which was in the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford. A blog post from the Ransom Center

    Illustration for "Hiawatha's Photographing by Arthur Frost.

    "Through Lewis Carroll's Looking-glass" Interesting blog post from Ransom Center on Carroll as photographer. Includes page from his photo journal written in purple ink.

    Artists in Lewis Carroll's circle, including Pre-Raphaelites

    Artists in Lewis Carroll's circle, including Pre-Raphaelites  

    The Girlhood of Mary (1848-9) Dante Rossetti. Christina posed for her brother as Mary, on right

    Lewis Carroll and Pre-Raphaelites a .pdf collection of images. Includes images of Rossetti, Millais, Holman Hunt and photographs by Carroll, Cameron, and Rejlander.

    Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant Garde. Great site with videos, photos and details at the Tate Gallery in London.

    the Pre-Raphaelite collection at the Birmingham (U.K.) Museum & Art Gallery is also amazing. Lots of resources.

    Pre-Raphaelite Art collection Delaware Museum of Art.  Extensive collection with great, educational website on Pre-Raphaelites! Link to a full color .pdf educational guide.

    Vicotorian Web links to Christina Rossetti  From the V-web. "Contextual Intertextuality: Dante, Petrarch, and Chrstina Rossetti" by Anthony Harrison

    Explore Ford Maddox Ford's Work painting. Interactive site with videos on the Manchester Art Gallery in the U.K. Fun & informative

    Link to Pre-Raphaelite show on artists and nature at the Tate Museum in 2004.  Good background info.

    Pre-Raphaelite Women from Pittsburgh State State site. Detailed information and multitude of links and images about Christina Rossetti. 

    Ophelia by Arthur Hughes

    Cover of Goblin Market by D. Rossetti

    Beata Beatrix (1871-2) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (In the Art Institute of Chicago)

    Dante Gabriel Rossettie hypermedia archive.   Many images that are catalogued are in private hands. part of the NINES, networked infrastructure for nineteenth-century electronic scholarship.

    Birmingham Museum of Art (in England) massive Pre-Raphaelite collection.  You can create a personalized folder from 

    Pre-Raphaelite Society webpage, dedicated to the study of the lives and art of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

    Six Pre-Raphaelite images that are about literature.

    Sylvie and Bruno

     Lewis Carroll's Preface to Sylvie and Bruno Concluded. (in .pdf)

    Lewis Carroll's Bruno's Revenge (in .pdf)

    Sylvie and Bruno is available free on Project Gutenberg in several formats and with or without images.

    Lit2Go has Sylvia and Bruno in a more attractive format than Project Gutenberg. It also has audio of the text and teaching ideas.

    "The Sylvie and Bruno Books as Victorian Novel" an essay by Edmund Miller (in .pdf format)

    Alice on StageAlice by the Opera Theatre of St. Louis (2012)

    Henry Savile Clarke's Alice in Wonderland: A Dream Play (in .pdf form)

    "Alice on the Stage" by Lewis Carroll, The Theatre, April 1887. On Lenny's Alice in wonderland site.

    Pinterest links to 37 images of Alice on stage and screen

    An exhibit at USC about playwright Alice Gerstenberg's Alice adapation from 1915.

    Eva Le Gallienne's theatrical staging of Alice in Wonderland and Tenniel's influence on her work

    Imitations of Alice

    Jan Susina's "Imitations of Alice: Lewis Carroll and the Anxiety of Influence" (.pdf)  coming soon!

     L. Frank Baum's Modern Fairy Tales (.pdf)

    Joel Chaston's "The Ozificiation of American Children's Fantasy Films"

    The Afterlife of Alice. Digital exhibit at the Smithers Library at the University of Florida from an exhibit in 2007. Curated by Kenneth Kidd. Specific essay by Kidd on "Alternative Alices"

    Alice in Blunderland: An iridescent dream by John Kendrick Bangs A digital version at the University of Florida.

    Alice in Popular Culture

    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Exhibit at the Ransom Center exhiition 2015. Video Preview. Blog about exhibit and related events

    "The Alice Look" at the Museum of Childhood at the Victoria and Albert Museum. "How Alice's Look has reflected 150 years of fashion" by Clare Rose in The Financial Times. April 10, 2015. "London's V&A Museum announce Alice in Wonderland exhibition" at

    "We're all mad here" Alice in Popular culture. on the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

    "Surreally humorous Alice in Wonderland Inspired World" on Flavorwire. Dec. 20, 2011.

    "Why we just can't get enough of Alice" by Adam Tschorn, LA Times. March 27, 2010.

    "What's So Special About 'Alice in Wonderland'?" by Niraj Chokshi in The Atlantic. March 5, 2010.

    Alice references in The SimpsonsRed Queen instructing Alice-inspired bride

    Alice in Wonderland themed weddings. From Brides magazine, an Alice-themed wedding. More Alice in Wonderland-inspired bridal party wedding ideas. Even more Alice bridal ideas, these are more steampunk than mose.

    A Pinterest collection of Alice party ideas for birthdays, teas & celebrations.

    Alice for the iPad. A YouTube preview video

    Jefferson Airplane singing "White Rabbit." video

    Darker versions of Alice in popular cultureModel Natalia Vodianova as Alice with Christian Lacroix. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

    American McGee's Alice. Original Trailer. (Rated by the video creators as R, for Realy Wicked). Madness Returns Teaser and Trailer and First Gameplay Footage.

    "Camilla Rose Garcia visits at different Wonderland" an interview by Lisel Bradner with Garcia in the LA Times. Feb. 27, 2010, about her popular Manga Alice

    "Alice Doubles in Photography and Fashion" a blog post from Victorian Visual Culture (12/8/14). Photos from Vogue photo shoot of Liz Jagger as Alice.  More photos with model Natalia Vodianova and photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

    Lewis Carroll's Juvenelia

    "The Rectory Magazine" The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas-Austin has the original copy of this handwritten and illustrated magazine that Carroll created for his family. The link takes you to several full-color pages of the magazine.

    "Hints for Etiquette." Two pages from Carroll's Juvenalia that was published in The Rectory Museum or Mishmash. At the British Library

    Simon Kane, a British actor and writer, presents a fun, short video reading from The Rectory Museum or Mishmash "The Walking Stick of Destiny"

    Lewis Carroll’s La Guida di Bragia: A Ballad Opera for Puppets

    MathematicsAccording to the Mock Turtle, the four branches of arithmetic are (1) Ambition (2) Distraction (3) Uglification (4) Derision. (From Lewis Carroll Sylogism puzzle page)

    "Lewis Carroll by the Numbers" book review by Jan Susina (Children's Literature 40, 2012) (.pdf)

    Lewis Carroll Sylogism Puzzles

    Alexander Bogolmony in "Cut the Knot" on Carroll's sylogisms

    The Game of Logic by Lewis Carroll on The Gutenberg Project, download for free.

    A theoretical conversation between Rev. Charles Dodgson and Ezra Brown, of Virginia Tech, in Math Horizons, Nov. 2006.

    "The Mad Hatter's Secret Ingredient: Math" on NPR March 13, 2010.

    "A Math-Free Guide to the Math of Alice in Wonderland" by Esther Inglis-Arkell

    "The Math Wars, Lewis Carroll Style" by Evelyn Lamb (March 4, 2014). A Scientific American blog. Carroll had definite ideas about teaching math, particularly Euclidian Geometry.

    "Algebra in Wonderland" Op-Ed piece in The New York Times by Melanie Bayley (March 6, 2010)

    Pillow Problems (taken from the book) by Charles Dodgson

    The Nursery Alice

    "The Nursery Alice" has been digitized by the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries

    Jan Susina's "Too Gaudy or Not Gaudy Enough: Lewis Carroll's The Nursery Alice" (in .pdf format)

    Inspired by Alice

     Artwork inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    She-still-haunts-me. A lively Tumblr with regular postings of Alice related images and materials

    Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Jester

    Norton Jester's Phantom Tollbooth, a 1970 live-action film based on the 1960 book.  Created by Chuck Jones. Link is to entire film on YouTube. The one-minute trailer.   Here is an 8 min segment

    "Broken Kingdom: Fifty Years of 'The Phantom Tollbooth' " an essay in The New Yorker by Adam Gopnik (October 17, 2011)

    "My Accidental Masterpiece: The Phantom Tollbooth" Norton Jester's essay on NPR (Oct. 25, 2011)

    "Summer Voyages: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Jester" an essay by Justine Jordan in The Guardian, July 17, 2013.

    "Why Teachers Love Depressing Books" by Laura Miller. The New York Times. Aug. 22, 2004. A review of Barbara Feinberg's 'Welcome to Lizard Motel: Children, Stories, and the Mystery of Making Things Up'

    Edward LearLear and his beloved cat, Foss

    An Edward Lear Home page

    A Blog of Bosh. An Edward Lear Home Page

    Edward Lear's diaries. Many are transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University

    Edward Lear's Nonsense Botany. Illustrations of plants by Lear.

    Edward Lear: 200 Years of Nonsense

    Edward Lear Drawings at the British Museum

    Additional interesting material on the history of children's literature

    Guide from the Victoria & Albert Museum on the life of Victorian children.  .pdf format designed for both children and aults.

    Interesting additional materials

    Lewis Carroll's pocket watchAlice Liddell's personal effects including her pocket watch, calling card cases and silver scissors can also be seen at the Oxford Museum. The Alice biscuit tin is one of the few merchandising items Lewis Carroll allowed and then didn't like it once it was created.The original manuscript for the first Alice book is at the British Library.

    Lewis Carroll acquired this Hammond No.1 on May 3, 1888. He did not write fiction on this typewriter, but may have written mathematical books.Lewis Carroll's rooms in Oxford where he wrote Alice stories. From The Story of Lewis Carroll by Miss Isa Bowman

    Lewis Carroll wrote a pamphlet on lawn tennis rules. He created rules for croquet as well.

    Essays and reflections by contemporary writers on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

    Maria Popov's "The Philosophy of Alice in Wonderland"

    "The Enduring Charm of Alice in Wonderland" by Hannah J. McGill in The Scotsman newspaper (April 19, 2015)

    "Oxford's Literary Heritage" by Steve McKenna in The West Australian newspaper (April 17, 2015)

    "Alice Still Relevant" by Patrick O'Gara, Toledo Blade columnist. April 20, 2015