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    ENG 560: Seminar in Literature & Culture

    Summer 2010 semester

    ´╗┐Syllabus in pdf format

    YouTube videos of literature professors

    For an undergraduate student's perspective on a Day in the Life of an English student in Wales, check out this introductory YouTube video.  It's about figuring out how to be an English major.

    William Chase's essay "The Decline of the English Department: How It Happened and What Could Be Done to Reverse It" in The American Scholar Autumn 2009.

    Adam Gopnik's "The Last of the Metrozoids" from The New Yorker, May 10, 2004.  This link is direct to The New Yorker but to read full article requires a subscription.  Here is a .pdf of the article

    Gopnik's piece has caused many writers and teachers to blog and write about it.  Margaret Simon in "Writing with William" from The Quarterly 27:1 (2005) wrote about teaching students to write and quotes from the Metrozoid article

    Additional resources on good teaching

    Teaching Tips Index from Honolulu Community College.  A plethora of material and links