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    ENG 370: History of Children's Literature

    Syllabus for Spring 2015

    Presentation List for Spring 2015

    Resources for ENG 370

    Introductory Readings 

    Fairy Tales not in Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Tale book.  Download this .pdf to read: German Fairy Tales: Little Red-Cap, Snow-White, Rapunzel. English Fairy Tales: The Story of Three Little Pigs. H.C. Andersen's Fairy Tales: The Emperor's New Clothes, Little Mermaid, Ugly Duckling

    Andrew Lang and The Blue Fairy Book

    • "Andrew Lang" by Jan Susina in British Children's Authors 1880-1914. Ed. Laura Zaidman. Brucolli Clark Layman: Columbia, SC. 173-85. .pdf format

    French Fairy TalesCinderella's castle in Storybook Land in Disneyland

    German Fairy Tales

    English Fairy & Folk Tales

    Arabian Tales or A Thousand and One Knights

    Fairy tales on film and a few more links

    Fairy Tales in general

    H. C. Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen 


    Emperor's New Clothoes

    The Little Mermaid scultpure in the Copenhagen harbor

    Mother Goose

    Puritan Literature for Children.  The Moral Tale

    A hornbook used by the Puritans.

    Please read this .pdf with two reading selections Puritan Literature for Children & the Moral Tale.  The .pdf has an incomplete version of "The Purple Jar." Sorry. Please go to this link to read the entire the story.

    Background materials on Puritan's Children's Literature.

    Development of the Children's Book Market

    Please read this .pdf on John Newbery and the Development of the of the Children's Book Market

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau


    John Locke


    Pretty Little Pocket-Book

    The New England Primer

    Lewis Carroll's Alice booksLewis Carroll. Photograph by O.J. Reijlander

    The British Library's virtual tour of the original manuscript of Alice's Adventures Under Ground.  1. Opening description with images only (not as interactive).  .  2. Shockwave version so it's easy to turn pages. 3.  A page with link to Silverlight version (most interactive)

    Jan Susina's interview with Martin Gardener on Annotated Alice from Five Owls. (.pdf file)

    Lewis Carroll Society of North America.  Filled with links.  Lewis Carroll home page, hosted by the LCSNA.

    Lenny's Alice in Wonderland page.  Good links to basic info on the book.

    Victorian Website links on Lewis Carroll

    Lewis Carroll's scrapbook from Library of Congress

    Illustrations of Alice that are not by Tenniel

    Florence Milner's 1903 essay explaining poems in Alice and original

    Lesson Plan for teaching Alice in high school. From Discovery ChannelAlice near the jury box, as illustrated by John Tenniel

    Pronouncing Liddell

    Ruth Ann Zarnoff's interactive Alice site.

    Tim Burton talks with Johnny Depp about Alice in Wonderland and Batman in LA Times (Oct. 15, 2008)

    Blog on Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland and pop culture related materials

    Notes on Mary Blair's idea illustrations for Disney's Alice in Wonderland that have been reposition into an Alice book with text by Jon Scieszka

    Penguin Books USA's reader's guide to Alice's Adventures in WonderlandMiddle school and high school level.John Tenniel's White Rabbit illustration

    Cooper-Hewitt Museum video of page-by-page of Tony Sarg's Treasure Book.  Video focuses on Alice in Wonderland and shows the pop-ups and details. YouTube. 1.5 min.

    Trailer for 1999 television version of Alice in Wonderland. YouTube 1 min.

    Unusual online text version with illustrations by many artists from many books.  A Bedtime Story Classic

    Link to information on Jan Susina's The Place of Lewis Carroll in Children's Literature

    Heinrich Hoffmann's Struwwelpeter

    Struwwelpeter site from Virginia Commonwealth University with images, German text and English translation. Well organized.


    Christina Rossetti's Sing-Song  

    The Girlhood of Mary (1848-9) Dante Rossetti. Christina posed for her brother as Mary, on right

    "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" sung by Shawn Colvin. YouTube video with image of CD cover   YouTube video with images of winter

    Vicotorian Web links to Christina Rossetti  From the V-web. "Contextual Intertextuality: Dante, Petrarch, and Chrstina Rossetti" by Anthony Harrison

    Pre-Raphaelite Women from Pittsburgh State State site. Detailed information and multitude of links and images about Christina Rossetti. 

    Jan Susina essay “ ‘More is Meant Than Meets the Ear’: Narrative Framing in the Three Versions of George MacDonald’s The Light Princess.” George MacDonald: Literary Heritage and Heirs. Ed. Roderick McGillis.Ophelia by Arthur Hughes Wayne, PA: Zossima P, 2007: 99-112.

    Pre-Raphaelite Art collection Delaware Museum of Art.  Extensive collection with great, educational website on Pre-Raphaelites! Link to a full color .pdf educational guide.Cover of Goblin Market by D. Rossetti

    Beata Beatrix (1871-2) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (In the Art Institute of Chicago)

    Dante Gabriel Rossettie hypermedia archive.  Thorough! Many images that are catalogued are in private hands. part of the NINES, networked infrastructure for nineteenth-century electronic scholarship.Dante Rossetti work with Christina illustrated on right

    Birmingham Museum of Art (in England) massive Pre-Raphaelite collection.  You can create a personalized folder from museum's collection.

    Pre-Raphaelite Society webpage, dedicated to the study of the lives and art of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

    Six Pre-Raphaelite images that are about literature.

    Christina Rossetti, by D. G. Rossetti, 1848

    Link to Pre-Raphaelite show on artists and nature at the Tate Museum in 2004.  Good background info.

    Joyce Carol Oates Afterword to Goblin Market

    Sing-Song online edition

    Poetryanimation on YouTube.  Christina Rossetti's portrait (by Dante) reading "Uphill"  "Remember" Weird, but cool.

    Video illustration of "Who Has Seen the Wind?" contemporary, beautiful.  YouTube. 1min.  There are many musical interpretations of "Who Has Seend the Wind?"  Here's another by a Oak Park/River Forest children's choir in 2008 (YouTube 1:54 min)  And here's "In an Artist's Studio" with a Second Life interpretation. (YouTube. 6 min,  watch first min to get concept)

    Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio and "Punch and Judy"Punch magazine featuring Punch & Judy puppet show.

    Beatrix PotterBeatrix Potter and Benjamin Bunny, on a lead.


    Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

    The N word and Mark Twain



    Mark Twain in His Times:  Great site from Univ of Virginia.  Click through to comprehensive material about Tom Sawyer, with e-texts of material leading up to the novel, original reviews, illustrations, & info on Hannibal. Listen here to excerpts of actors who carefully recreate Clemmon's amazing storytelling style.

    Mark Twain website by PBS and Ken Burns.

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lesson plan incorporating Mark Twain

    Mark Twain at Play: an online exhibit from the Univ of California-Berkley's Mark Twain Papers library.  Check out what made him laugh, what he did to relax, and look at his original writings. 

    "Mark Twain: Our original superstar" an essay in Time magazine by humor writer Roy Blount, Jr. (July 3, 2008)

    Search quotations from Mark Twain:

    Mark Twain's Mississippi: site emphasizing Twain's books about the river and his experiences on it.

    This is Mark Twain, site created by University of California Press and the Bancroft Library. Feature 2 interactive timelines

    sign in front of Becky's home in Hannibal, MOTwain's home in Hannibal, MO










    Twain working at his Quarry Farm










    Mark Twain's The Prince & The Pauper

    An ebook Text of The Prince & The Pauper on Gutenberg

    Penguin's notes for teaching The Prince & The Pauper

    Video versions of The Prince & The Pauper



    Louisa May Alcott's Little WomenLouisa May Alcott

    Complete text of Alcott's Flower Fables, from the University of Virginia's electronic database.

    University of Virginia's hypmerdia presentation on Alcott, many links.

    Orchard House, Alcott's home, with information about the house and her books.

    Documentary on Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, which has aired on PBS' American Masters series.  Includes clips of documentary and scholarly info.

    NPR interview of Harriet Riesen, author of the book Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women.

    Review of Library of America's edition of Little Women, Little Men and Jo's Boys edited by Elaine Showalter in The New York Times (May 15, 2005)Bronson Alcott

    Bibliographic information about Louisa May Alcott, with links.  More bibliographic information on Alcott from Unitarian-Universalists site.

    Biographical info on Alcott by Cynthia Butos from Heath Anthology of American Literature

    "Boston in the Sixties" from Rebecca Harding Davis' 1904 memoir Bits of Gossip.  An excerpt on literary figures in Boston, focusing on Bronson Alcott, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne and R. W. Emerson

    Link to Bronson Alcott's Concord Days, part 3, in Google Books

    Jan Susina's “Men and Little Women: Notes of a Resisting (Male) Reader.” Little Women and the Feminist Imagination. Eds. Janice M. Alberghene and Beverly Lyon Clark.  New York: Garland, 1999: 161-72. 

    Timeline for dates of writers and literaty dates related to Concord, Massachusetts, 1810-1890 (created by Donna Campbell)

    Film and theaterical versions of Little Women

    Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure IslandPhotos of Robert Louis Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson's "My First Book."

    Robert Louis Stevenson website from Edinburough University.  Specific information about Treasure Island with image of original map.

    Robert Louis Stevenson website.  Comprehensive source on all things Stevenson sposored by the British Library and the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling and numerous other organization.

    An ebook facsimile of Treasure Island with frontispiece by Wyeth and illustrations by Louis Read

    "Stevenson's 'Treasure Island': Still Avast Delight" by Jonathan Yardley writing in The Washington Post April 17, 2006

    Good introduction to book that opens with map to Treasure Island.  Geared for high schoolers, but interesting.

    The map in Treasure Island, as drawn by Louis Read

    L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of OzStill from The Pathwork Girl of Oz 1914 film

    Patchwork Girl of Oz. 1914 film created by Baum.  YouTube video. 15 min. (Atomic Caravan blog post with stills and notes about the 1914 film)

    1893 World's Columbian Exposition

    The Wizard of Oz: An American Fairytale, an online exhibit at the Library of Congress. Covers Baum's book in detail as well as stage and film adaptations.

    Detailed fan website about The Wizard of Oz film and book, Answers to questions about the curious 'hanging scene' in the 1939 film

    International Wizard of Oz club for fans, scholars, book collectors and more. Publishes Baum Bugle.

    Literary Traveler article on L. Frank Baum

    Film versions of Wizard of Oz

    W.W. Denslow, Oz illustratorL. Frank Baum, author of Oz series




    J.M. Barrie's Peter PanJ. M. Barrie with his St. Bernard Porthos, which he walked in Kensington Gardens

    Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, complete text in .pdf format

    Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, featuring images from the 1906 text.  Barrie extracted the Peter Pan story from The Little White Bird


    Mary Martin as Peter PanPeter Pan and Eros, essay from Victorian Web on the book and its Greek roots

    Peter Pan on stage and screen

    Videos of Peter Pan versions, from YouTube

    Gutenberg eBook of Peter Pan Peter Pan Children's Fund

    Essay on Peter Pan from Endicott Studios website

    Teaching idea for middle school students on comparing film and book.  Questions on each chapter and good guidance on teaching the class.

    Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan

    Peter Pan statue in England

    Kenneth Grahame's Wind in the Willows

    Brief biographical information on Kenneth Grahame

    Kenneth Grahame 

    Sketch of Kenneth Grahame by John Singer Sargeant



     Alastair Grahme, who was nick named Mouse.


    Simply messing around in boats. Illustration by E.H. Shepherd from Wind in the Willows


     Toad of Toad Hall from Wind in the WillowsThe Kenneth Grahame Society website  Many great links on his books and related plays, films and illustrated versions.  Information about travel and biographical materials.

    "Kenneth Grahme: Lost in the Wild Wood" an essay on the 100th anniversary of Wind in the Willows by John At Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in DisneylandPreston at The Telegraph

    Essay on "The Wind in the Willows at 100" by Gary Kamiya in Dec. 16, 2008.

    Essay about two annotated version of Wind in the Willows "Rat, Toad and Mole Get Footnotes" by Jeremy McCarter Newsweek, April 27, 2009

    New speculation on what prompted Grahame to start writing Wind in the Willows.

    The River and Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames has an exhibit about Grahame and Wind in the Willows.

    Selected images from various illustrators' versions of Wind in the Willows

    Links to many YouTube videos of Wind in the Willows, both animated and with actors

    "Riverbank Reverie" by Paddy Gromley. This is a radio serial in twelve half-hour episodes. It explores the relationship between the life of Kenneth Grahame and the fantasy world of his masterpiece, The Wind in the Willows

    Folly Bridge where Grahame played as a boy living in Oxford

    Additional interesting material on the history of children's literature

    Guide from the Victoria & Albert Museum on the life of Victorian children.  .pdf format designed for both children and aults.