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    ENG 470

    History of Children's Book Publishing

    The Invention and Development of Children's & Adolescent Literature

     Course syllabus

    Course description for History of Children's Book Publishing. Spring 2014



    Two articles on children's publishing by Julie Bosman from The New York Times. "Newbery Winner to Promote her Genre"  and "Booksellers Wary About Holiday Sales"  reading

    Reading for January 21.

    John Newbery's A Pretty Little Pocket Book.  1. A .pdf version for downloading. 2. From The Library of Congress, scanned images of each page of the original book, which was printed by Isaiah Thomas.  The link opens to the frontispiece.

    reading for January 21

    Makers of Make-BelieveA Little School-Girl by Frances Bent Dillingham, illustrated by Olive Rush. February 1899. St. Nicholas magazine.

    Children's Book Week.

    Posters from Children's Book Week collected in Pinterest 

    St. Nicholas Magazine Archives at

    St. Nicholas magazine covers collected on a Pinterest page

    Newbery Awards

    Caldecott Awards

    The Horn Book

    Parley's Magazine A link to exceprts from the popular 19th-century childern's magazine. 

    Merry's museum, Parley's magazine, Woodworth's cabinet and the Schoolfellow: the consolidated magazine for boys and girls. 1865.  Complete book that's digitzed on the Internet Archives and Prelinger Library

     American Children's Periodicals 1783-1872. The Youth's Companion

    Peter Parley's Book of Curiosities Natural and Artificial (1832)

    Little Women

    Louisa May Alcott's letters and journals concerning Little Women. a reading in .pdf 

    Ezra Jack Keats

    The Snowy Dayfrom Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day

    "On Ezra Jack Keats and From Collage: The Memoirs of Ezra Jack Keats." a 10-page .pdf document

    Ezra Jack Keats Foundation.  Official website.

    Ezra Jacket Keats virtual exhibit, from the deGrummond collection

    Art Exhibition: The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats at The Jewish Museum in New York.

    The Snowy Day read aloud on YouTube

    Biographical video on Keats on YT (3:36)

    Ezra Jacket Keats virtual exhibit, from the deGrummond collection

    The Snowy Day read aloud on YouTube

    People of Color in Children's Literature

    "Where are the People of Color in Children's Literature?" by Walter Dean Meyers. The New York Times Book Review. March 24, 2014

    "The Apartheid of Children's Literature" by Christopher Meyers. The New York Times Book Review. March 24, 2014

    Ashley Strickland "Where is the African-American Harry Potter?"

    "Children's Book By and About People of Color." Statistics Gathered by The Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Nancy Larrick's essay "The All White World of Children's Books." This is a pdf document that links to a copy of Larrick's essay originally published in The Saturday Review, September 11, 1965.

    Here is a recent re-examining of children's books in light of Larrick's essay by Laura Atkins.

    The Brownies' Book published by W.E.B. DuBois.  A link to information as well as links to pdfs of original copies of this series for African-American children published during the Harlem Renaissaince

    Beatrix Potter 

    Beatrix Potter and Benjamin Bunny, on a lead.

    Frederick Warne, official pubblisher of Beatrix Potter  Information on Potter, games, news, eating healthy.

    Beatrix Potter's life in Cumbria.  Lots of info about her life there, many book suggestions, photographs, and info about the film Miss Potter

    "The Tale of Miss Potter" Daily Telegraph article about the film Miss Potter and her life in England. (16 Dec. 2006)

    Beatrix Potter, Fabulist.  Online exhibit from Cotsen Children's Library at Princeton.  Click on the images on top of the screen.

    A biography of Potter from University of Pittsburgh site.

    The Beatrix Potter Society website.

    The National Trust's homes of Beatrix Potter and links to more information about her.

    Golden BooksOriginal artwork for a Little Golden Book

    Little Golden Books current website, published by Random House

    Smithsonian's American History Museum online exhibit about Little Golden Books

    "A Golden Moment: First Book chats with Author Leonard Marcus!" about his book Golden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became An American Icon Along the Way (Random House) by Jen M. November 3, 2007. Link to podcast

    History of the Little Golden Books from Mental Floss by Rob Lammie

    Antique Trader's history of the Little Golden Books, with values for the original 12

    Little Golden Book collector site.

    E.B. White  

    "The Lion and the Mouse: The battle that reshaped children's literature." essay in The New Yorker by Jill Lepore (July 21, 2008).  Sources Lepore used for this essay, in .pdf format.

    "Onward and Upward with the Arts; The St. Nicholas League" by E.B. White. .pdf article. Originally published in The New Yorker.  Reprinted in St. Nicholas and Mary Mapes Dodge: The Legacy of a Children's Magazine Editor, 1873-1905. Susan Gannon, Suzanne Rahm, and Ruth Anne Thompson, Editors. McFarland: Jefferson, North Carolina, 2004.

    "Children's Books" an essay by E. B. White in collection of essays One Man's Meat in pdf format

    "The Death of a Pig" E.B. White essay in The Atlantic January 1948.

    "Stuart, Wilbur, Charlotte: A Tale of Tales" by Ursula Nordstrom (book editor). The New York Times.  May 12, 1974.

    Wake Forest University Librarian blog on E.B. White as children's author, with images.  Many Garth Williams illustrations.

    New York Times collection of info on E.B. White.  Includes links to recordings of White reading from Charlotte's Web.  (requires free registration with NY Times)

    Garth Williams' illustrations for Charlotte's Web analyzed on the blog BiblioOdyssey. post from Dec. 8, 2010

    Quotations by E.B. White at  Quiz on quotations in Charlotte's Web.

    Why Charlotte's Web is still a great book 50 years after publication. by Stephen Amidon in The Guardian

    Interview by NPR's Melissa Block of E.B. White's relatives and author of annotated Charlotte Web about White's creation of the novel. (8-4-2008)

    Ursula NordstromUrsula Nordstrom in 1946

    Read this article about Ursula Nordstrom editing

    Roni Natov and Gerladine DeLuca's "Discovering Contemporary Classics: An Interview with Ursula Nordstrom." published in The Lion and The Unicorn.

    Maria Popov's Brain Pickings articles about Ursula Nordstrom.

    "The Genius of Ursula Nordstrom" by Alex Bracken on Pub(lishing) Crawl

    An artistic celebration of Ursula Nordstrom

    Melissa Wiley writing on Nordstrom and Katharine White

    Leonard Marcus writes about discussing his book about Nordstrom on a visit to Japan in The Page Turn, The Harper Collins Children's Books School & Library Blog

    Leonard Marcus discusses Dear Genius on C-Span in 1998. 

    The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss 

     Bio of Ted Giesel on website about Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Gardens in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    Dr. Seuss's "How Orlo Got his Book" and Dr. Seuss's "My Hassle with the First Grade Language."

    Advertising art work of Ted Giesel in the Univ. of California-San Diego library.  Many images.

    Official Random House site for Dr. Seuss

    Dr. Seuss (Ted Giesel)A.O. Scott's essay in The New York Times magazine "Sense and Nonsense" (Nov. 26, 20000) about Dr. Seuss and children's literature

    10 Facts about Dr. Seuss on the BBC's website on his 100th birthday.

    PBS Independent Lens documentary on the political cartoons of Dr. Seuss.  Scroll down for clip on connection between Cat in the Hat and subversiveness.

    NPR's very informative page on "Fifty Years of 'The Cat in the Hat'" including article by Lynn Neary as well as images and links (March 1, 2007)

    NCTE/IRA's suggested lesson plans for grades 9-12 to use The Cat in the Hat to write an essay using a psychoanalysis perspective.  whew! Includes chart for psychoanalysis id, ego, and superego characters in the book.

    New Yorker essay "Cat People" by Louis Menard (Dec. 23, 2002) on the creation of The Cat in the Hat, Sputnik, The Lorax, and with which character children identify.

    "Random House Founder Bennett Cerf, as Skillfull Humorist and Storyteller." WNYC. Aug. 17, 2012. article, photos, and podcast

    Maurice Sendak Where The Wild Things Are

    Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, which has the best collection of Sendak materials.

    Rosenbach Museum's DVD segment on Sendak on his work, childhood, inspiration.  YouTube. 10 min.  Sendak on what being an illustrator means. YouTube. 3 min.  Sendak on his childhood and movies.  YouTube. 1 min.    Sendak on Images and Words. You Tube 2:25 min

    Maurice Sendak's "Caldecott Acceptance  Award: 1964."

    Original Wild Things animated short. YouTube video 6:50 min.

     Maurice Sendak & Art Spiegelman's "In The Dumps" a cartoon from The New Yorker

    "A Conversation with Maurice Sendak" by Jennifer Ludden on NPR, June 4, 2005, with additional links

    MercuryNews article about Sendak exhibit at Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco (Sept. 3, 2009)

    President Obama reading Wild Things at the 2009 Easter egg roll

    Horn Book interview with Sendak. Nov./Dec. 2003 by Roger Sutton

    Book Jackets and Book Covers

    Julie Bosman's "To Lure "Twilight" Teenagers, Classic Books Get Bold Looks." 

    Book Cover Archive.  a thorough blog.

    "Beautiful Covers: An Interview with Chip Kidd" by Spyros Zevelakis on Smashing Magazine. Feb. 20, 2012.

    NCTE lesson plans on Read, Write, Think has a book cover template generator & lesson plan.

    "The Decline and Fall of the Book Cover" by Tim Krieder. The New Yorker. July 16, 2013.

    Birth of Adolescent Literature

    "That Was Then: This is Now: S.E. Hinton in the Twitter Age" by Jon Michaud in The New Yorker 11/9/2103

    YouTube videos

    S.E. Hinton's website

    The Outsiders, official website for film and book

    "Outsiders Forty Years Later" by Dale Peck in The New York Times.Sept. 2007.

    "S.E. Hinton reflects on The Outsiders" in Book Rag website

    Blog quiz.  Which "Greaser" are you most like (from The Outsiders)?  with comments.

    Best Young Adult Novels, an NPR survey in 2012

    The first book in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling


    Trends in Children's Publishing

    Children's Books: A shifting market (.pdf).  Article is also here from Publisher's Weekly. by Jim Milnot. Feb. 24, 2014.

    Scholastic Editors Forecast Top Trends in Children's Books for 2013

    New Trends in YA: The Agents' Perspective from Publisher's Weekly. Sept. 23, 2013

    The Future of Children's Books: Five Trends. Slides from Kristen's McLean's Keynote speech at TOC Bologna 2013. Links to slides in SlideShare

    The trend of publishing satires of children's books from The New York Daily News, Feb. 4, 2014

    "Children's and Teens book markets resilient under pressure, says Nielsen report." Jan. 20, 2014

    Publishing resources, focusing on children's and YA books

    Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books. Located at University of Illinois, the Center is one of the nation's leading children's book review journals for school and public librarians.

    Children's Book Council. Supporting and informing the children's book publishing industry.

    The Children's Book Review.  Numerous book reviews categorized by reading levels.  Interviews with authors.

    Galley Cat on Media Bistro.  Focus on book publishing from inside the industry perspective.

    The Guardian book review section.  The leading liberal newspaper in the U.K. always has thoughtful book reviews and industry news.

    The Horn Book.  Premiere journal for librarians that reviews many children's books.  Good source of information about authors and publishing.

    Kirkus Review.  According to a talk by a children's librarian, a good review in Kirkus will encourage numerous libraries to purchase that book.  However, she also noted that the reviews here can be brutal and can hurt writers' careers.

    The New York Times. Reviews of children's books. The NYT Best Seller Lists, including four lists on children's and YA books.

    Publisher's Lunch.  Subscribe to the daily emails and you will learn all the inside news about the publishing industry as soon as it is available.  Tells you who signed book contracts that day & how much they were worth. Read by those in the know in publishing.  Also check out its compansion site: Publisher's Marketplace

    Publisher's Weekly.  The publishing industry's leading news source online and in weekly magazine.  Read by everyone in the book industry as well as librarians.  Many reviews. 

    Publishing Perspectives.  Focuses on the business of publishing, with an international perspective. You can subscribe to regular emails

    Publishing Trendsetter Blog.  News and dialogue for the next generation of publishers.  Good interviews and a weekly roundup of top five stories of the week in publishing.

    School Library Journal. The leading source of information for librarians who work with children's, teen and YA books. Great source for industry news, author interviews, and reviews. You can subscribe to regular emails

    The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing. Leading academic organization for the study of publishing history  

    Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. A professional organization for writers and illustrators of children's books as well as agents and editors.  SCBWI has an interesting website for those studying children's literature.  Features interviews of authors and illustrators with information about the book industry.  Local, regional and national conferences are informative.

    TOON Books.TOON Books are the first high-quality comics designed for children ages three and up.

    Writer's Digest. One of the leading publications and online sources for writers with an occasional focus on children's literature.

    The National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature in Texas, a museum.

    Some blogs and websites related to children's & YA book publishing and media

    Book Slut.  Regularly updated author interviews and book reviews.

    Commonsense Media. A website for families with reviews about media that children read, see and use.  The book reviews are written by a professional reviewer as well as children and parents. The emphasis is often on the content.

    List of many children's book publishers.  from

    The Purple Crayon. a website by a children's book publishing agent.  very informative

    Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.  A popular blog focusing on picture books by a writer does book reviews for Kirkus Review.

    "Outlining for My Inner Child."  an essay on thinking about who you are writing for when writing children's books. from the blog Too Much Monkey by Bill Radford.  interesting essay with lots of links

     A few celebrity libraries

    Keith Richards in his library Julia Child's libraryWoody Allen's library.