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    English courses Jan Susina has taught

    Graduate courses  

    Nineteenth-century Fairy and Folk Tales            
    Victorian Children’s Literature
    Children’s Literature and Youth Culture              
    History of Literature for Young People    
    Illustrated Texts and Picture Books                 
    Children’s Literature and the Concept of Childhood
    Fairy Tales and Their Revisions                       
    Critical Theories of Children’s Literature
    Coming of Age in Young Adult Films                 
    Children’s Literature and Children’s Culture
    Practicum (Internship) in College Teaching        
    Lewis Carroll’s Place in Children’s and Adult Literature     
    Recent Research in English Language Arts         
    Victorian British Literature: Charles Dickens
    Victorian Illustrated Book
    Boys Will Be Boys?: Books For and About Boys   
    Practicum in College Teaching
    Seminar in Literature & Culture: Children's Visual Culture

    Undergraduate courses    

    Victorian Literature                                             
    Nineteenth-century British Fiction                         
    Nineteenth-century Fairy and Folk Tales                
    Children’s Literature                                             
    Adolescent Literature                                           
    Literature for Pre-Adolescents                              
    Literature for Young Children    
    Literature for Middle School                            
    Comics and Graphic Novels
    California Renaissance: West Coast Writing of the 1960’s
    Reading & Viewing the Novels of Jane Austen
    Creative Writing: Fiction
    Creative Writing: Poetry
    Fairy and Folk Tales
    Families in Literature                                                    
    Ideas and the Human Experience (Great Books)
    Professional and Technical Writing                       
    Humanities: Modern                                            
    Introduction to English Studies
    Honors Composition
    Elementary Composition
    Elementary Composition (Basic Skills)