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    The Lion and the Unicorn.  (The Johns Hopkins University Press).  A peer-reviewed international journal on children’s literature and culture published three times a year.
        Lead Editor. January 2003- 2006.
        Lead Book review editor. 1992-2002.


    Guest Editor. Special Issue: Considering the Kuntsmärchen: The History & Development of Literary FairyTales. Marvels & Tales. (Wayne State University Press) 17.1 (2003): 4-156. Nominated by M&T editor Donald Haase for the Best Special Issue, Council of Editors of Learned Journals for 2003.

    Guest Editor. “Focus: Children’s Literature.” American Book Review. 19.1 (1997): 1, 4-14. Link to Susina's editor's essay "Subversive Children's Literature."

    Guest Editor. Special Issue: Kiddie Lit(e): The Dumbing Down of Children’s Literature. The Lion and the Unicorn.  (The Johns Hopkins University Press). 17.1 (1993): 1-111.