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    Alice inspired wedding ideas

    Bridal ideas abound for tea cakes, red roses, white gowns, blue dresses, top hats and more in Alice- inspired weddings and parties. As Alice's Adventures in Wonderland have been pitched more for  teen and young adult audiences, rather than for children, the appeal of Alice seems chic and slightly punk.

    Here are a few ideas.

    "Vibrant Alice in Wonderland Style" Shoot from 2011 from the website OMG I'm Getting Married




















    Karly & Jack's vintage-inspired Alice in Wonderland wedding. A bit tamer and a real wedding, rather than the inspirational photos above.









    Even more tasteful ideas for an Alice inspired wedding, with a focus on the text and characters. From

    Many fun and unusual Alice wedding and party ideas are gathered here at

    From a real wedding in Washington state: "After the couple tied the knot at the outdoor wedding ceremony, stilt walkers and human tables dressed in Alice in Wonderland inspired costumes entertained the guests."

    The couple also had a newspaper created about their pre-marriage life. Here two women look at the NewsFavor with Alice-inspired headlines and themes.

    Several real couples who used the Alice books and films as inspiration for their weddings from the website tulleandchantilly

    A wedding in Indonesia with goth-punk Alice theme from the website

    From the website more ideas. They write that there are 'endless' ideas for creating Alice weddings.